Dog Tags

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Quality Pet id Name Tags for cats and dogs deep engraved. Browse our pet id tags collection and get the best prices in the UK.
We know how important your pet is to you, that is why we believe your pet should only ever get the best when it comes to bling!
An excellent quality pet id tag is important to any animal lover who adores their pet. We always ensure your pet gets a highly finished and easy to read pet tag, with your contact details on that are easy to read in case your cat or dog decides to go for a little wander.
Our deep engraving service for pet tags is great for owners who want extra peace of mind when it comes to ensuring their pets are safe. Unlike other pet tags, where the engraving or print is lightly applied to the tag and will probably last only a few months, our deep engraving ensures your pet tag lasts for a much lengthier period and keeps it quality for many years.
If you need to contact us about any of our pet tags, please call us firstly on 01692 671796 or alternatively you can contact us by following our contact page link here.

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